Honoka ‘s the center away from her lifestyle

Honoka ‘s the center away from her lifestyle

After a couple of tale occurrences happen, it gets apparent that Ayaka is wholly enthusiastic about Honoka (like a beneficial yandere). Ayaka understands she believes and dreams about your the committed. She have delivering images regarding him and it’s really later revealed that she has a key area below this lady room inside the Honoka’s domestic. In which this lady has many photo regarding Honoka covering a wall. Ayaka hired Atori so you’re able to secretly simply take pictures out of Honoka. Some of the photographs on wall was basically removed from the Atori. Within the afterwards sections, it is found that Ayaka enjoys altered one to place having several stories where she locations, together with the anything stated, a great many other homes associated with your.

It is showed that Kazane and Komachi got build a marriage ranging from Honoka and you may Ayaka prior to now, making the woman Honoka’s certified fiance.

Ayaka states has actually fulfilled Honoka in advance of fulfilling at school. Unfortuitously, she cannot contemplate once they very first found, claiming its memory with her was basically removed. But not, dropping their memory of the early in the day didn’t eliminate the woman obsession more looking him. During the the woman time in middle school she checked many schools, to have months. Abreast of viewing Honoka in the a large group, Ayaka instinctively know the lady much time lookup has ended within the victory. Afterward, Ayaka required away from their mom to set up on her behalf and you may Honoka to visit a comparable college or university and start to become in identical class.

It’s later on revealed that obtained basic met regarding Kagari Clan’s Fundamental Estate when they was in fact as much as 12 years old. At the time, Ayaka got secretly restricted and you can chained so you can a wall structure inside the a room. She is imprisoned to own forever since the woman biological mother Kayou Kagari got, to deepen new descent off flame of one’s Kagari clan, experimented for her and you may used the lady due to the fact vessel off Evermillion. Because place, she fulfilled Honoka the very first time who was going to the house having Kazane (he had been vacationing with this lady as the an assistant and disciple).

Along with such images, she as well as makes Honoka dolls because place

By using his professor, Honoka freed the girl, but she ended up being mortally injured immediately following encountering Kayou, who tried to delete Ayaka’s existence to help you accomplish their goal. Honoka took Ayaka out of the come across and you can joined a binding agreement which have Evermillion in the interest of resurrecting her. Honoka turned Evermillion’s brand new vessel in order to meet their area of the contract.

Shortly after are resurrected, Ayaka got lost all recollections of latest incidents (including this lady thoughts out of Honoka) and secluded by herself throughout the confined space. Just after Honoka is actually in the long run able to grab the lady regarding one place, free single women dating New York the guy demonstrated the woman that have miracle a surroundings off their favourite lay he decided to go to while in the his travelling with Kazane. There, the guy recommended Ayaka you to definitely in the near future the girl existence are not while the gloomy and you may alone any longer and she would restore things she would shed because room. And then, Ayaka noticed that it actually was Honoka who saved the girl and you may bankrupt down from inside the rips.

Kazane Kagari [ ]

Kazane is the adoptive mother away from Ayaka. She’s plus the chief of Workshop Witches and chairwoman away from Tougetsu Academy. It is revealed (on manga) it is Ayaka exactly who asked Kazane for taking a far more popular character at school to make sure that she is with Honoka. She’s the one who tasked Touko and you will Kanane for taking care of Ayaka. She instructed Ayaka away from a young age in everything from miracle at hand-to-give handle. She often gets mad during the this lady dage towards urban area. Even though she really does have confidence in Ayaka guarding Honoka and you can with pride includes in order to Weekend one to Ayaka is actually the lady most useful student and you may masterpiece.

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